Anja Percival



Print Sales

The majority of the prints you see here are for sale, please contact me for specific print availability. The etchings will be supplied unframed, rolled into sturdy carpet tubes for transport.

Please note that prints displayed on my website are not always available for sale, as the work may be out of stock. But the print in question may still be available to buy from a gallery (contact details for galleries can be found on the 'exhibitions' page, otherwise contact me for help). Also the work may only be temporarily out of stock, if more prints from the edition are still to be printed, which will become available to buy at a later date.

I also hold stock at my studio in Fowlers Yard in Durham. Visitors are welcome to come and find out more about printmaking, and about my work!

Please note that I do not sell my prints via my website or from my studio at prices that undercut the established gallery retail values for my work. Also if initial interest in a print is the result of gallery exposure, the gallery in question will remain involved with any sale that may result.

The unframed price for each print can be found on the images year summary page, next to the thumbnail image. Prices do not include postage and packing, which will vary depending on print size and destination.

Although the retail price for my unframed work should remain constant between different outlets for my work, the framed retail price may vary slightly from gallery to gallery. This is due to the variation in framing charges between different outlets, and also the difference in commission then charged on the framing, both of which are unfortunately beyond my control.

I can't supply framed work via my website, but do hold a small amount of framed work at my studio which is available to buy if collection in person is possible. However please feel free to contact me for advice concerning framing of my work, or anything else that my website does not cover.