Anja Percival




It's difficult to reproduce these prints accurately through a digital medium. Some of them have been photographed onto slide film and then scanned; others have been photographed with a digital camera. Regardless of the technique used, they have all been reduced to fairly small image files for easier and quicker downloading and viewing via the internet. These photographs don't really convey much of the texture or colour depth of the original, and are not intended to give any more than a rough impression of the print they represent.
The images are presented chronologically according to the year of their original creation. Click on the year in the menu bar to the left for a thumbnail gallery, then click on a thumbnail for a larger individual image. All the prints you see here are for sale - please contact me for print availability. The sizes given refer to the size of the actual image (i.e. the etching plate), not the paper it is printed on; there is usually a border of blank paper around the etching of several inches.
For more information about the techniques used to create these prints, click on the 'Techniques' button in the menu bar on the left.